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Blessed E. Ngoe
Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief, EboniGram Magazine

Editorial Message

Dear reader, the pages you are reading are a snippet of some of the things that make us black people. In this maiden issue of EboniGram, I welcome you to read openly.

This publication is the product of your inspiration. Your daily lives and the struggles we face, as a people, inspire us. In this issue and those to come after, the editorial team has chosen to join its voice with the voices of those on whose shoulders we stand, to celebrate black communities everywhere.

Whether it is the legacies of our departed heroes that inspires you, we welcome you to share in our experience. Your ideas, as black men and women, are the building blocks of our inspiration. If black must rise, we will rise together.

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Blessed E. Ngoe

Founder and Publisher, EboniGram Magazine


Miquela Gorham studies and writes about sociology at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. Miquela is an avid reader of African American literature, especially the women writers of the Harlem Renaissance and of the Feminist Movement.
Paul Njie is a Cameroonian journalist. He is the current Editor-in-Chief of TWIF NEWS, a web-based news agency in Cameroon, West Africa.

Regis Che is a Cameroonian journalist working with TWIF NEWS as Board Chair.

Shameel X is a digital content and tech expert in High Wycombe, UK. Shameel’s expertise is in blog writing, marketing and digital content development.

Kesah Princely: Cameroonian Journalist.
He is a news reporter for several media outlets in Cameroon and currently holds the position of Director of Communication at TWIF NEWS

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