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This second issue of EboniGram celebrates two aspects of our history as Black People. First, our team thought it befitting to join the rest of the black world and those who, in one way or the other, have had to share some aspects of our history, in commemorating the single most devastating events in human history—the enslavement of African peoples. We decided to tell this story by focusing on one of the less-known regions that supplied slaves to Europe and America , the Bimbia coast of Cameroon.

As we remember the adversities that our ancestors had to endure, we also reflect on the role of some of our ancestors in the dehumanizing trade that has defined our history for four hundred years. We reflect on the nations that had to bear on the challenges of enslavement, leading to their historic, even though denied, contribution in the building of some of the greatest civilizations of modern history.

As part of their laborious legacy, our ancestors, whether in the motherland or on exile, left us behind with a task; to engrave their name, lost or current, in the tablets of history. That is why, as part of our collective action to live by that dream, this issue of EboniGram is featuring the stories of triumph of five of our young women. These young black women, making their name in technology, are a testimony that the travails of our ancestors were not suffered in vain. 

As you join us in reading and reflecting on these stories, we hope that you keep in mind that the sacrifices of our ancestors can only be brought alive in the good return of our own enterprise. Like the women, whose stories illuminate the pages of this publication, may your black light shine brighter than any star in the night sky.

Blessed E. Ngoe

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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