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Deported Immigrants from USA Arrive Cameroon

81 Cameroonian immigrants who were deported from the United States of America, are back in their home country.

The US government says they — together with millions of other immigrants — entered US soil illegally.

Prior to their deportation on Tuesday, US Members of Congress, Amnesty International, and individuals appealed to the Trump administration not to let the asylum-seekers return to Cameroon.

They argued that most of the immigrants who entered the US fled violence, occasioned by the armed conflict in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions, among other reasons.

Cameroon is struggling with three concurrent crises:  the widening conflict between the anglophone and the francophone regions; clashes between the government and armed separatists who are demanding greater autonomy; and a culture of impunity to human rights violations that has been created by the 37-year administration of President Paul Biya.


Cameroon’s state media reported that the Cameroonian government collaborated with the United States, to repatriate the asylum-seekers.

Meanwhile, some have accused the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of coercing Cameroonian asylum seekers into unwillingly signing their deportation documents. Reports say they used force, and in some cases, torture, to compel them to sign.

As the immigrants arrived Cameroon on Wednesday, they underwent COVID-19 tests. They will be under observation for some days.

The immigrants might have risked their lives for greener pastures abroad, but the grim reality of what they fled from now faces them back home, once again.

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