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Cameroonian Artist Narah Black gets Recognition from Oroko Talent USA

Oroko Talent USA, a non-governmental organization based in the United States of America has acknowledged an upcoming Cameroonian artist, Narah Black. 

Narah Abdulla Nanje known on stage as Narah black has made waves with his song titled ‘Tramadol’ in which he points out the dangers of drugs to youths and to society. “My song ‘Tramadol is aimed to awaken youths on the dangers of drugs. My aim is not only to dance, but to dance to something that makes sense.” He said in an interview with Ebonigram magazine. 

Who is Narah Black

The artist hails from Bafaka Balue in Ndian Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon. Born to Mr. Abraham Narah and Mrs Ruth Nanje, Narah Black grew up in Tiko where he did most of his schooling. He however dropped out of school after his mum passed away, but did not relent on his music career.

“I started singing and dancing at 6 to awilo longomba, Michael Jackson, Koffi Oolamide and a handful of others. I used to play drums and also loved to listen to the radio. By the time I was 8 years old, I already had a radio of my own.” He said

According to Narah, music should not only be about the tunes but should carry a message.  “Music is entertainment. Even if it is informative, it has to be pleasant to the ears. But most importantly, music has to educate, inspire, empower its listeners. In one of my songs, ‘African Mamma’, I focused on passing a message to youths; for them to love their mums and treat them well.”

Being one of the major setbacks the entertainment industry faces in Cameroon, Narah explains that “My people in Tiko have always been supportive morally, they’ve shown me love and prayed for me. But never took a step of action which could take me to the next level; there was no financial support, which has been a major setback”

Narah’s music can be downloaded online on Sound cloud, Youtube and other music downloading sites. 

Discovering Narah Black

His song ‘Tramadol’ is the main reason for his recognition. According to the CEO and founder of Oroko Talent USA, Mr. Edward I. O. Sakwe,  ‘Tramadol’ is a very informative and educative song which needs to be promoted and heard by everyone.


“Narah Black is the right artist for this season, his songs are full of messages that can relate with a wider variety of audience, and anybody who listens to his songs even here in Colorado loves it instantly.” Mr Sakwe told Ebonigram. 

“We hope that this award will give him an extra pat on his back for a job well done, and serve as a motivation for him to continue doing what he does best. We know that in less than no time, the world will know Narah Black and it will be an honor for the Oroko Kingdom to know that one of their sons has made it on the world stage.” He added

The headquarters of the Oroko talent is in Colorado Springs in the state of  Colorado,  USA. The organization was created two years ago. 

“It’s creation was based on a burden I have carried most of my life, the hunger and thirst of making Oroko a nation to reckon with, by creating opportunities and platforms for every Oroko son or daughter to use as a stepping stone into their future. I wanted to be able to support any Oroko child who has talent or a need that could be used to change the course of their life and also project the image of the Oroko Tribe.” Mr Sakwe explained. 

“I shared the idea with some of my very close Oroko associates and they all agreed that there was a strong need for such an organization, and this led to the creation of Oroko Talent, USA On November 4, 2018.” He added. 

Acknowledging Narah Black

“We choose to honor Mr. Narah Abdulla  Nanje, a.k.a Narah Black this year because of his exceptional talent in music, most especially because of the message he sends to the Cameroonian youths about the dangers of drug abuse in his famous single titled “Tramadol “.

“It drug which is currently heavily abused by our younger generation in Cameroon. We have to by all means protect the lifestyle and the future of our youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow, and Narah Black did just that by being a role model through his music.” He added. 

I first got interest in Narah Black when I watched his video titled “African Mamma”

It reminds me of my childhood in Matondo village. My mom was the first to wake up in the morning to make sure that there is food for us to eat when we wake up. She was always the last person to sleep just to make sure we all were home safe and sound. Our mothers play a role in our lives that no one can ever match, and we can only have one mother, he gave us a message in that song to take care of our mothers.

We plan to create a one stop global platform that anybody can access with the click of a mouse and discover the wealth of our people and our culture. We want our children to be proud of their heritage and be comfortable to pass on these same values to their future generation.” He concluded.

The goal of Oroko Talent, USA is to change the future of Oroko Kingdom by touching one life at a time. Oroko Talent, USA aims to promote excellence through fine and performing arts, science and technology,  leadership, sports, craftsmanship,  literacy and research. 

The Process

The organization identifies an Oroko child with an extraordinary talent or need, reaches out to the individual and informs them that  they have seen or heard of their work or need. The person is invited to apply for a grant. The application form is sent to them through email, with a deadline for completion and submission. 

Once the form is received, the information is shared to the founding members who also double as the main donors. Together, the money for the grant is raised. 

100% of whatever is raised is sent directly to the applicant,  and all other cost is covered by the organization. 

Currently Oroko Talents is accepting only 2 applications a year, but are hoping with time they will be able to process and approve 50 to 100 applications each year. 

The organization wants to showcase to the world that the kindred of Oroko Kingdom have the resources and the DNA to compete with the brightest and the most talented in the world. 


  1. Elonge Clinton Ndumbe Etongwe
    Elonge Clinton Ndumbe Etongwe September 17, 2020

    Wow that’s So Awesome I never knew we the Orokos have such an Organization
    Kudoos Iya #MambeNjokoforeMande Nnonge

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