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Uganda To Fight COVID-19 Through Prayers

President Museveni is determined to see an end to COVID-19 in Uganda [Photo: The Spy]

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni has declared Saturday August 29, a day for national prayers against COVID-19.

He made the declaration in a recent social media post, saying a Ugandan citizen who had a vision from God, inspired him to take the decision.

The President failed to provide any details about who the citizen was, and when he knew about the vision.

“A certain Ugandan came to me and told me that God had told him in a vision that I should organise National Prayers, scientifically organised, for God to deliver us from COVID 19,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I declare the 29th of August 2020, a day of National Prayers and a Public Holiday. Stay in your houses or Compounds and pray.”

Uganda currently has 2,679 Coronavirus cases, and 28 deaths. This has badly affected the East African country.

President Museveni urged Ugandans to use the day for “massive supplication,” so that God could deliver the country from the ravaging virus.

Meanwhile, a group of religious leaders will join the president and first lady at the presidency on Saturday, to pray for the country.

The prayers from the state house will be broadcast live on State TV and radio, for Ugandans to follow.

Can prayers cushion the effects of COVID-19?

The Coronavirus spreads rapidly, and its effects are quite severe. Though some who test positive recover from the virus, a good number of them die from it as well.

So far, medical practitioners use medicine to combat the pandemic. But, can prayers help as well? The answer to this is elusive.

So many countries on the continent have seen religion as a means to face the virus. Countries like Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa used prayer as a key ingredient against COVID-19.

They each organised days of national prayer over the virus, calling on God to help their countries.

For Christians in these countries, God can help them throughout this global health crisis. They are hopeful that their prayers will bear fruits.

However, the virus is still pervasive across the continent, with severe effects. It remains to be seen what effect prayers will have on the virus which has claimed close to a million lives worldwide.

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