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Ghana, Kenya Beat Cameroon on World Corruption List

A list of the top 10 most corrupt nations in the world, ranked by perception, has been published, according to US News. A worldwide survey of 73 countries asked respondents to characterize countries they perceived to be corrupt. The definition of corruption was left to be decided by respondents.

Top on the list from the continent of Africa is Ghana, occupying the third rank on a global standing. The eighth most corrupt country in the world according to the survey is Kenya, the only other African country featured on the top list.

Cameroon absent on corruption list

Asked about what he thought about the list, a Cameroonian, resident in the United States said the list does not reflect the reality of corruption in the world, especially from the African perspective.

“It is impossible to imagine that Ghana would be more corrupt than Cameroon.” He said, adding that “the list either proves how little people know about the deep corruption Cameroon faces, or the survey was flawed.”

There is no wonder that citizens of a country plunged into a civil war, premised on prevalent accusations of massive corruption, would express surprise at its absence on such a list.

But has Cameroon always featured in corruption lists?

No recently conducted surveys have named Cameroon among the top most corrupt countries in the world. A 2019 corruption ranking showed that Cameroon scored only 25 points in the index, a little below Nigeria with 27 points. Nevertheless, countries like Somalia, South Sudan and Syria still beat the Central African nation on scale.

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  1. BOVET
    BOVET May 21, 2020

    No country can beat Cameroun on corruption

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