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Anglophone crisis: Young Cameroonian Woman in Dire Need of Medical Aid

A 24 year-old woman in Bamenda, capital of one of the two Anglophone regions hit by a deadly conflict, is in desperate need of health assistance.

By Kesah Princely

Achu Melanie, who has been suffering from neuromyelitis since 2016 says hardship, as a result of the crisis has rendered her family unable to help her receive medical care. In an exclusive interview with EboniGram in Bamenda on October 10, Achu Melanie said she has developed multiple disabilities because she lacks money to treat herself. For nearly three years, she has been rendered mobility impaired and recently, a visual impairment has added to her frustration.

“My mother who is a farmer has been struggling to raise money for my treatment but the crisis has rendered her extremely poor to a level where she cannot help me again. I believe that if someone out there helps me, I can get well because the doctor said my head needs to be operated,” she said.

In 2013, Achu Melanie lost her father, just three years before she developed neuromyelitis. Her mother who has been by her for all these years can no longer provide for her daughter owing to a deadly conflict that has been ravaging the restive North West and South West of Cameroon for nearly three years.

A relative to Melanie, Mercy Arumbo, said her sister’s situation is deteriorating day after day because of the family’s inability to procure her monthly medication, owing to the socio-political imbroglio in the region.

Non-state militias are fighting to break away and form a country they call Ambazonia. The consequences of the conflict on locals, like Achu Melanie, have been devastating. The 24 year-old said she is aware that if her sickness is not properly and promptly handled, it could lead to even further complications.

Neuromyelitis is a central nervous system disorder that primarily affects the eye nerves (optic neuritis) and the spinal cord (myelitis). The young girl who before 2016 had to sit in for the Ordinary Levels Certificate exam, said she is hopeful that someone somewhere can help her to get well again and acheive her goals of becoming a successful accountant in future.

She had been advised by a doctor to do a surgery which costs FCFA 100, 000, about $168, an amount her family has not been able to raise.

Achu Melanie is one out of a myriad persons with disabilities who have been trapped in the deteriorating Anglophone armed conflict in Cameroon.

EboniGram has opened a platform for anyone who wishes to make a donation for Achu Melanie and other persons with disabilities trapped in the midst of the Anglophone crisis.

Please reach Ms. Echu with your donations at: +23764942155 or +237671836111. This is an appeal from our team to you. The least you do for Ms. Echu is the most you do for humanity.

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